3 tactics to attract your ideal clients with Inbound Marketing


3 tactics to attract your ideal clients with Inbound Marketing

How to increase your traffic and attract customers to your business with Inbound Marketing?

When it comes to attracting the best quality traffic to your website, we know how challenging is to get the right traffic-audience, therefore we should be using the best techniques to organically attract those visitors and engage with them, by showing them value and educating them with great and value content.

3 Main tactics to attract your ideal client which are:

1-Creating the best quality content to your audience:

There’s no question that content for inbound marketing is a key part of your strategy.

In fact, HubSpot, has done several studies on content marketing and determined that:

  • Organisations that make blogging a priority are 13 times as likely to see a return on investment as those that don’t.
  • Businesses that have more than 400 pages of content on their website get six times more leads than businesses with sites that have between 51 and 100 pages.
  • While 52 percent of organisations that blog at least once a month acquire customers through their website, a full 82 percent gain customers through their website when they blog daily.

But.. how Inbound Marketing Works?

By following the 4 stages of the Inbound Marketing Methodology, which are as follows:

Attract Visitors to your site
Convert Visitors into Leads
Close Leads
Delight your customers

Inbound Marketing aims to show the right content to the users depending on what stage of the customer behaviour journey they are.

There are 3 main stages of the customer´s journey:

1-Awareness 2-Consideration 3-Decision


And if would like to find out how Inbound Marketing works, you can go and read my previous blog about Inbound Marketing here.

It´s about showing the relevant content to the right audience..

Like mentioned above, the real struggle isn´t to drive traffic to your website, as you could easily do it by paying for it in many different ways, the real struggle is to get the right traffic. So one of the main objectives in Inbound Marketing is to drive quality and relevant traffic that you can eventually convert into leads, clients and sales to your business.

Here is a list of key points to take into consideration when defining the best content strategy for your cients, at least this is the process that I am following myself:

  • Define your brand
  • Set up your goals
  • Conduct a Buyer Persona Research
  • Run a content audit of your business and competitions
  • Finde a content management system to use
  • Brainstorm content ideas (using ools like: Buzzsumo, ahrefs, answer the public)
  • Define the type of content(formats): blog post, e-books, case studies, videos, infographics, podcasts, webinars, etc)
  • Optimise+ Publish + Manage + Share your content

Ultimately, as a result of being showing the right content to the ideal visitor(prospect), you will start driving quality traffic to your site, by engaging with them, and after taht, you will have to follow up with the second stage of the Inbound process, which consists in converting those clients into leads, by using different techniques like: forms, chatbots, CTA´s(call to actions), landing pages, lead magnets, calculators, quizzes, etc…

2- SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Secondly, and no less important, what’s the point of creating great and valuable content for our ideal client if nobody can´t find us organically on google?

In order to get your business found online, you must run an seo strategy for your business, as a result of doing it you will attract the right visitors to your website, who are more likely to be converted into your customers.

Here you can read my last article on the best tips on how to the best SEO optimised content for your website or blog.

Link to the article

3-Social Media Strategy.

Thirdly, run an effective social media strategy which is going to help you attract new leads.

I would suggest that you implement the best tactics on how to run a social media strategy.

1- Think of social media as one piece of the whole strategy.

It has to be tightly connected with all your different marketing strategies and channels: your website, content marketing, email marketing, influencer marketing, and so on.

Once you put and implement all together you´re going to see the results coming up by increasing the social numbers, likes, shares and comments, which can be turned into leads for your business.

2- Use Social Media to drive visitors

Actively work to drive up the visitors from social by publishing your content to your social sites more consistently, by starting provocative conversations on these sites more purposefully and by encouraging your current network to share your content with all of their connections, too.

3- Engage with Influencers.

We all know who the influencers are, as they have big networks on social media. One way to can find them is some of the following tools:

Buzzsumo: to determine influencer types.

Followerwonk: to research you and your competitor

-Kred: to score them

-Klear: to find influencers by category

Tweetdeck search to find influencers

Try to engage with them as they have a big audience to reach out to.

Therefore Include them in your social media strategy.

Ultimately, If you like to have a look at some great social media tactics, I would recommend you to read this article written and shared by Sprout Social link here

4-Monitoring Social Conversations

One of the best ways to generate leads from social is by using some of the tools for setting up keywords for monitoring purposes.

Use them to monitor your social networks for conversations that match your keywords.

Find them and connect with them, by following them and offer information, guidance or advice, do not try to sell anything on social media as you will screw everything up.

5-Track and follow up your leads on social

It wouldn’t make any sense generate leads if you are not going to track them up, by using social media management tools like Hootsuite, Sprout Social o Metricool integrated with Inbound software tools like Hubspot.


Because you can track all your information: clicks, interactions and visitors that your social effort has driven back to your website. Never before have you had more insight into the real-time performance of your social marketing efforts, and this is going to help you make better decisions to try to convert those leads into customers for your business.

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