“7 actions or habits to improve your lifestyle”


“7 actions or habits to improve your lifestyle”

Hi everyone, after a while of being totally switched off my blog, it´s been  a busy 3 months!  I have decided to get back blogging to keep sharing personal and professional experiences as a new entrepreneur, in case it would help or inspire somebody else.

Following advice from other entrepreneur,  Mitchell Weijerman, founder of the Digital Nomad Accelerator Academy and facebook group. , I have decided to write this article about 7 actions o habits that could help you to improve your lifestyle, and personally I´m going to apply it in my life.

Here you are the 7 key points:

1- Stop living a life that you don´t want to live.

By all means if you are not happy with what you are doing, my honest advice is please put the effort and change it, otherwise you will get stuck in a loop for the rest of your life.

Action: become an entrepreneur- looking after my own business

2- Stay away from toxic people and only be surrounded by engaging and inspiring people 

Action: focused all my efforts on people who really care about me.

3-Spend time helping other people, it will make you feel better and really works out.

It doesn´t necessarily has to be supporting a charity, you could be helping one of your friends, a member of your family, or even random people, which would definitely make you feel so much better.

For example: help someone to improve his/her curriculum so that would increase her/his change to get a job.

Action: help and support 3 people in my circle, with 3 actions, which I won´t mention here.

 4- Challenge yourself, to escape from the routine.

Change your plans, in case you are planning to, challenge yourself, professionally and personally, to escape from the daily routine.

For that reason, I have decided to take on 3 big challenges for the rest of this 2017.

3 actions here= 3 challenges

1st Challenge: (Professional) Launch my Youtube Channel in October

Objective: connect and engage with my audience, therefore, I will be sharing my opinion and experiences as a new entrepreneur, as well as some marketing ideas and advice.

2nd Challenge: (Sport) Sign up to a big sport challenge:

and the big sport challenge is going to be: the Hoka One One Stockport 10 miles race.

here is the website: http://stk10.co.uk/ in case someone wants to join me!

3rd challenge:  (Personal development)

So from this week, I am training myself to master my English writing skills as well as taking a SEO advanced course.

5- Set daily goals to improve- better setting small daily goals (connect with 3 new people a day, make your bed)

Action: from now on, I´m going to set my daily achievable goals in order to be more productive.

6-Look after yourself(meditation, yoga, mental and physical)

It´s a key to keep yourself as healthy as possible, as you will be able to performance better.

Action: this week, I´m going to start off with some meditation every morning to help me relax and face the day in a very positive way!

7- Stop worrying about what other people think about you(AVOID THEM, AVOID HATERS)

this is actually one of the biggest issues which is affecting nearly everybody. To make your life better we need to stop worrying about what other people think about us, so my advice is that only take into consideration opinions from the people who really care about you.

Action: follow my path, no haters! 

I hope that this article be able to help you or at least motivate you at some point, and it would be amazing if you could share your opinion with me.

What goals are you trying to achieve for the rest of 2017?

Any advice or suggestion about something that might have helped you to improve your life or escape from your routine?

Many thanks for reading my blog, it´s an honour to me.

Toni Navarro

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