A little bit about myself


Hi, I´m Toni Navarro and I have run my own Digital Marketing consultancy business since November 2016. After 10 years working for B2B and B2C businesses internationally, possessing a big passion for digital marketing as well as the motivation and willingness to run my own business pushed me to start off a project called Toni Navarro Consulting.
Since completing my marketing degree at Esic Business and Marketing school, I have witnessed the world transform digitally, digital marketing is now the most important way to build up a companies reputation and client base. I have dedicated my career to digital marketing so I can be an invaluable asset to my companies allowing them to thrive in the digital era.


I have been working over 10 year within the Marketing industry, since then I have worked with companies from many different sectors, such as: Construction, Health, Mass media,  IT, hospitality, retail and e-commerce, always implementing the best Marketing Strategies for them.


I life every day and every project to the fullest.
Success requires passion. After 10 years within the industry, I have delivered countless successful strategies. As a result, I am passionate about sharing my ideas and expertise to help your company deliver outstanding sales and marketing.


Marketing can be a competitive industry, my success has stemmed from the fact that I am and have been willing to fight for every opportunity. As a determined person, I continuously analyse and evaluate strategies to ensure their success. Let me instil this fighting attitude in you.


I am very positive, in every aspect of my life, personally and professionaly.
Marketing can be a challenging area for many people due to their lack of resilience. After several years within the marketing industry, I have developed a positive and resilient attitude towards all aspects of the sector.


I am a conscientious person, I am aware that success requires effort and initiative. I am very consistent with my performance delivery.