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45 MINUTES marketing consultation-MEETING TO SMARTER GROWTH

Hi there, this is Toni Navarro here, a Digital Marketing Consultant on a mission to help business owners like you!

Why this could be interesting for you?
I´m offering you a 45 minutes consultation minutes to kick off your journey to faster and smarter growth, by implementing proven strategies that I implemented before with my clients.

During the meeting….
I´ll learn about you, your business, ideal customers, your journey and your goals. And then if you agree,
I´ll follow up by preparing a bespoke proposal to improve the digital strategy of your business.
How does it sound to you?

If you are down for this, sign up now, and I´ll get in touch with you very soon!
Thanks, Toni

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haven´t you signed up yet?….
you might have asked yourself…

What do i get from this?

So, just for signing up and having the meeting with me, you are about to get tons of free value for your business:

Quick SEO audit of your site

I will have a look at things like: page speed, indexation, keywords, images optimisation, categories and arquitecture of your site, meta, descriptions, etc.. So I´ll send you over some recommendations to improve your SEO.

Keyword Research

I will do a Keyword Research for one of the main categories(services o products) of your business.

Competitor Analysis

I will analyse one of your main competitors- using SEO tools like Semrush and Ahrefs. (Quick overview)

Definition of the main digital channels

I will help you to define the main digital channels to market your product or services. Based on the information collected at our 45 minutes-consultation-meeting.

AFTER THE ANALYSIS i could help you with:

  • Increasing the number of quality leads for your biz.
  • Improving your online presence
  • Positioning your brand in the market

some companies who trusted in me:

Antonio worked with me in Milingual UK in 2017. He was in charge of managing the whole digital marketingstrategy in the UK and the expansion of the startup.
Toni did an amazing job, being always resolutive and proposing the best solutions needed, I´d totally recommend working with him as it´s a guarantee of success

Gabriel Pazos
CEO of Milingual
‘Toni and I worked together at the beginning of Flock´s journey. He helped us to improve our online presence and supported us with lead generation using digital marketing. Toni has always been hard-working and easy to work with. . Toni has always been hard-working and easy to work with. ”

Michal Wisniewski
CEO of Flock (Macawly)
“Toni is an experienced marketer who is
about workforce development and the belief
in people
to people relationships. Toni is a joy to be around and always has enthusiasm for new people and projects.”

Mylo Kaye
CEO of Pledge
Marketing Strategy
Content Marketing
Lead Generation
Social Media Marketing