Influencers, how important are in your life?

Influencers, how important are in your life?

The answer is: yes, and why are they important?

Yes, because I have been influenced positively by people all my life, and it has helped me to achieve so many goals.

That is why I have written my first post about i, specifycally dedicated to people who has motivated and inspired me, in different moments of my career, and most of them without even know it, thanks for the possibility that internet allows us to engage with people from every where . As a result of that, Social Media channels like: Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Blogs, Snapchat have become totally necessary in our lives and they give you the chance of following your idols/influencers and been influenced by them from every part of the world.

Since a long time ago, I have had big influencers from all over the world, specially in my three passions, which are: marketing, sport and music. 15 years ago when social media didn’t even exist, we use to followed our heroes on TV, press media, radio or cinema, whereas, these days, we follow them on Social Media Networks like: Facebook, Youtube  or Instagram.

Honestly, I would need at least 5 posts to mention everyone who has influenced me, those who have pussed me in order to stand out, definitely, those who are making me a better person and I really hope that the same happens to you.

It is known that everyone has a list of Top Important figures in their lifes, and to make my blog interactive, I’m going to mention my 5 Top Influencers, and then you will have to do the same:

Rafael Nadal, for his energy, honour and effort that he makes in every single match, as to him, every match is a final.

Isra Garcia : for been such a big inspiration to me and to many people, not only in the marketing world, also in real life. As he always says, ‘if you like something, do it repeatedly.

Victor Martin, for inspiring me to create my blog and my personal branding, as he is one of the best in the world and I have been following him since long time ago.

Bruce springsteen, to be an international rock icon, for his personality and devotion to his fans, playing gigs for more than 4 hours, 3 times a week, in spite of his 67 years old now, which is so impressive and it’s a great example to everyone.

My family(we’re more than one, however we are actually a big team), because they are my real inspiration and the most powerful one to me. My father, Luis, who is still inspiring me from the heaven, my mother Ana, who is a great fighter, my brother and sister, cousins, specially Charlie, for his way to stand out from the rest, and my girlfriend, for the energy that she gives me every day.

Now, it’s your turn, which are your top 5 Influencer and how have they influenced you?

Best regards. Stay connected

Toni Navarro

Toni Navarro

Desde hace años veo el Marketing digital como una necesidad para empresas y negocios. Mi vida profesional siempre ha girado en torno a la publicidad, al marketing y a la comunicación. Los negocios, las empresas y los proyectos ya no están acotados a un lugar o a un solo escenario. El mundo es global y cada día tiende más a serlo. En el marketing y en la vida el aprendizaje debe ser continuo. Por eso decidí mudarme a Manchester hace unos años para seguir creciendo y aprendiendo. Lo mismo ocurre en el marketing digital, si no sigues aprendiendo estás fuera del mercado. Y eso posiblemente también pase en tu negocio. Pero no temas, aquí estoy yo para que trabajemos juntos.

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