My 3 words for 2017

My 3 words for 2017

Happy New Year to everyone, I hope you have had enjoyed the Christmas festive period and New Year´s eve with your family and friends.

As 2016 has come to an end, and we have already taken stock of it, we now have to focus all our efforts on 2017, and for that we need to create our goals and planning, to make this New Year a success.

I´ve written this post, following the brilliant idea of @Chrisbrogan to start off 2017 by proposing your 3 words of the year, considering your objectives for the coming year, and overall, with the aim of improving my results in comparison with the previous year, which I believe is a great idea, and I´m going to implement every year from now on.

The 3 words that you pick, have to be the ones that guide you forward to success in the coming year.

Write them down in a post-it note, and keep them in a visible place, in your office or desk, where you can see and remind them every day

Who is Chris Brogan?

For those who don´t know him, he´s one of the most outstanding person within the international business and marketing world, speaker, blogger and one of the top online worldwide influencers.

Here you are my 3 words for 2017:

Learning, Collaborative & Motivation.


Learning is something that must be done for everyone constantly, no matter what you are you doing for a living.

The world is actually in constant evolution, therefore the best way to improve fast these days is to keep learning and updating ourselves every day.


The best way to learning is by experimenting, taking new courses, being involved in as many projects as you can, reading blogs and books, attending to conferences or workshops of your interest, as well as collaborating and working with people better than you, as they will make you smarter.

2- Collaborative

Collaborative, is connected with learning, the more you collaborate, the more you learn and improve, that´s why I´ve picked this word, for its important meaning and purpose.

This new year, I want to be more collaborative, thus, among my objectives in 2017, is to collaborate and be involved in different projects, with my customers, partners, companies or either organisations, who are people at the end, in order to help them to achieve their goals set.

The meaning of the word collaborative to me, it´s not only professional, it´s also personal, and I believe that I will become a more collaborative person if I give support and help to my family and friends at all times, being more social and participative, especially with those around me.

3- Motivation

My third word is Motivation, I´ve doubted about choosing other words like: passion, effort or love, however I´ve chosen Motivation, basically, because is something that everyone has to have to face every day in their lives.

Motivation transmitted in the form of positive energy, motivation that we must have in each project, in every relationship with friends or partner, and in short, this is only achievable if you´re surrounded by people full of ideas, desire to live and willing to share experiences with others

Share your 3 words of 2017 with me.

As the aim of this idea is to be something collaborative, I´m going to ask you to share your 3 words for 2017 with me, you can do it, either leaving a comment below this post or via twitter, using the hashtag #3wordsfor2017 and add me on it: @toninavarroyes

Thanks for following me and let´s smash this 2017.

Toni Navarro

Toni Navarro

Desde hace años veo el Marketing digital como una necesidad para empresas y negocios. Mi vida profesional siempre ha girado en torno a la publicidad, al marketing y a la comunicación. Los negocios, las empresas y los proyectos ya no están acotados a un lugar o a un solo escenario. El mundo es global y cada día tiende más a serlo. En el marketing y en la vida el aprendizaje debe ser continuo. Por eso decidí mudarme a Manchester hace unos años para seguir creciendo y aprendiendo. Lo mismo ocurre en el marketing digital, si no sigues aprendiendo estás fuera del mercado. Y eso posiblemente también pase en tu negocio. Pero no temas, aquí estoy yo para que trabajemos juntos.

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