My 3 words for 2019


My 3 words for 2019

My 3 Words for 2019

Now it´s that time of the year where we all think how can I make this a better year than last?

Since 2016, I´ve been following @Chrisborgan´s tradition of doing the 3 top keywords of the year, and it has worked really well for me in the past 3 years though.

So instead of setting many year resolutions that never worked out, I rather doing the 3 words of the year, which is why more effective for me.

Why choose the 3 words of the year?

The 3 words that you select are meant to guide you through difficult moments.

To that end, it’s important to pick words that have enough meaning that will be aligned with you and your objectives, goals and values, as they will help you build out your days throught the whole year and keep yourself focused on achieving the desire results.

My words for 2018 were: Growth, Value and Trust.


This has been a very relevant keyword this 2018 actually.
This 2018 has been a year of growth for my business, which has been really tough and challenging, but at the same time very rewarding. Now I can say I am ready for 2019.


Always create and share value.
In 2018 I made sure most of my time was dedicated to creating value, either for my business, my clients or my family.
I had aimed to build more and more value for myself and others and I did, so I feel rewarded by it.
I helped companies see the value in what I do, and there is nothing as rewarding as that.

As a result of all of the above, I realised how important is to value yourself and your time.


Trust reflects who you are and the way you deal and look after your customers, followers, family, friends and anybody who is around you.
I always build my relationships around trust, as it is they way they are going to last longer and be more healthy and productive.
I am always myself, trying to be as transparent and human as possible, as well as accountable for all my actions.


Here you are my words for 2019: Action, Believe and Plan

In 2019 I am determined to push the button. Make things happen. Take loads action. I’ve been to busy with clients work in 2018 and now it´s time to power back up. Learning and thinking is important, but more importantly is to put into practice all that you learn, otherwise it wouldn´t be worth it.

Believing in ourselves is what help us achieve our goals and dreams.
In 2018, I did not believe in myself enough sometimes, and I regret not having pushed myself to take some action in certain situations. However, in other occasions I believed in myself and things went really well. Therefore, this upcoming 2019, I will be believing in myself even stronger and I strongly recommend you to do as well, as we only live once.

Work on the plan and follow it. And if there is no plan, create it.
Why? Because over the past years I realised that after a good strategy which drives results, there is always a great plan. People who has been successful always follows an strategic plan.

Here I go 2019. It´s time to take massive action on the projects that I created and I didn´t release in 2018.

The Show must go on!

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