Tribute to Manchester, the city that never falls apart

Tribute to Manchester, the city that never falls apart

Hi everyone, I hope you are all doing well, I´ve written this post after a very tough and shocking week due to the terrorist attack that happened in my city, Manchester, last week, in which 22 people died and at least 59 were wounded, a terrible tragedy. And that´s the reason I wanted to dedicate this words to the people who was involved and affected by the attack. 

7 am in the morning, 23rd May, I got up of my bed as every day for work, but it wasn´t going to be a normal day, unfortunately, I checked my phone and the first message that came up was so cruel and shocking which I didn´t want to believe, I jumped from bed and went to wash my face, I wish it was just a nightmare, but it wasn´t! Headline was clear and devastating “terrorist attack at the Manchester Arena last night during a massive huge concert”

 The first thing I did was waking Laura up, to give her the bad news, the 2 of us jumped out of bed and turned on the TV, we could not believe it, just 5 minutes from where we live, and one of our favourite event venues in the city of Manchester, we have been enjoying there so many unforgettable nights of rock and roll, and it has been attacked by terrorism, someone with radical idiocy, had blew up himself at the end of the concert, causing at least 22 deaths and more than 55 wounded. SHOCKING, really shocking and sad!

Just the fact of thinking that it could have happened to anyone, my girlfriend and I, one of our friends or relatives, only makes me feel more angry and hatred if possible, however, instead of using my angriness in a bad way, because that is what terrorists wanted, as their goal is to destabilise us, and create confusion and hatred within our society, which Thanks God, they haven´t succeeded, I will use then my energy in a very positive way as MANCHESTER has done as a city, as MANCHESTER has demonstrated that is more UNITED than ever and it will stick and stand up towards such a big adversity.

After seen how the city has responded together, I only have words of ADMIRATION and inspiration, as a city, as a BIG COMMUNITY of brothers and sisters supporting each other. Manchester could not be the most beautiful city in the UK, but it has been proved to be the most UNITED one.

This post is dedicated to all those who were involved in the tragedy, all who helped, without expecting anything in return, those who offered clothing, home, food, and transportation for free , without even hesitating a second, since they are the ones that really made the difference. I deeply believe that this world need people like them. THANK YOU!

After all what has happened, now it´s time to reflect and act, to continue dreaming even more, to continue living with extra-motivation, and to still believing that everything is possible to achieve if we all have a open and supporting mind.

Personally, I have totally changed my thought and opinion towards the English culture as I always thought that English people was more independent and not as supportive as they actually are, so as an important lesson I learnt after what occurred this week, I would say that please don´t take anyone or anything for granted until you really know what they are capable of doing.

To conclude, I would like to say that Manchester means a lot to me, not only for the professional point of view, but from a personal one also. Here is  where I have lived for almost 3 years now, a city of great musical culture, also of great bars and football atmosphere, city of my girlfriend (Laura) and her family, my second one, but also a city of solidarity and fighters, and of great human values.

Just to share a great example of solidarity, people has donated more than 2 million pounds to the victims in one week through site, here the link if you want to donate:

And to finish this post I would like to share this poem about the city that Liam Fray, the Courteeners frontman, a band from Manchester, shared on twitter a week ago:

“Togetherness, community & spirit course through the veins and flood the streets of this city”.

“I see it every day since I’ve been old enough to release what compassion and empathy are.

“Last night we witnessed it at a level we thought we’d never have to. In tragic circumstances, Manchester stood together. Because that’s what we do.

“Homes offered, rides home given, an outpouring of love…Grief shared.

“This will hurt. For a long time. But as you walk around town try not to bow your head. Look up to the skies.

“One Love. x”

All my respects to Manchester.

I love this city. #Standtogether


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