how I overcome failure and negativity

how I overcome failure and negativity

Hi all, it has been few very busy months since I have started off my business, and to be fair it has been a really productive time so far, but also I have had some ups and down, which has made me put my feet on the ground, and learnt not to take anything for granted in this life. By the way, I don´t regret  having done it at all!

In order to help people out and to help myself, I will be doing a review of my objectives for 2017 at the end of every quarter, as I believe it could make me move forward and learn the most of the experience.

 1st Objective : Collaboration

It has been so far a productive few months in terms of collaborations, however when it comes to business and having to work in different Project with partners or clients , it is a absolutely a key, to analyse first what are you getting from your collaboration and what it is going to benefit your careers or your life, and the other way around, in order to make your time as productive as possible.

Alongside the benefits you get from it, you should also take into account the amount of time that you will be spending on it, as time is the most valuable asset in life.

As Steve Jobs quotes

My favourite things in life don´t cost any money. It´s very clear that the most precious resource we all have is time”

 What lessons am I taking away from it?

What I taken away is that is vital to learn how to say NO, by all means, before you decide to work with someone or to be involved in a new project or challenge, first analyse PROS and CONS, as well as, who are going to work with and how it would benefit both parties, according to your business goals.

For example, “the more you collaborate, doesn´t mean the more productive or the more clientes you will get, as it has to be beneficial and aligned with your marketing strategy.

Here I´m sharing with you an interesting article by the disruptive marketer Isra García about “The practice of saying NO”, totally recommend reading, sorry it´s in Spanish only.

2nd Objective : Learning

One mistake I realised I made was, called it learning, when I should have named it training, as everyone knows, in life it´s all about training, the more you practise, the better you get.

That´s way I am always reading marketing blogs, books and attending or waching conferences, as well as following the best influencers within the Marketing world.

How do I keep myself up to date with Marketing?

It is a fact that in every profession, specially in Marketing, it is so important to keep up to date with all market trends and the more productive tools, in order to engage with your audience and clients.

-By taking a Digital Marketing course at the Manchester College (

-By using Productivity tools to make my job smarter and better. For example (,,

-By following marketer, influences and bloggers, such as: Seth Godin,  Guy Kawasaki o Chris Borgan

And here you are a list of 50 Top Marketing online influencers for your interest.

 3rd Objective: Motivation

In terms of motivation, I could say that, I have kept myself most of time full of energy to face every day goals, but realisticly, I have to confess that sometimes, I have felt a bit down and frustrated due to the lack of support from other people whose I expected something else from them.

How do I motivate myself?

 I do often get motivation in some different ways:

  • Challenging myself, by taking up new activities or habits(read next point about new habits)
  • Keeping myself as healthy and fit as possible– working out- and practising my favourite sports: tennis and running.
  • Being as positive as I can, hanging out with positive minded people and also avoiding negative thoughts and negative people.
  • I also follow some people who are truly inspiring and motivating, through different channels like: Youtube, Facebook or Blogging: Valentí San Juan- (Youtube)Nerea Carrion- (Facebook) y Isra García(Blog)


4 New habits to adopt

This new section is totally focused on improving myself, and the best way to do it, is by adopting new habits in my lifestyle. My 4 main new habits are as follows:

  • Reading more books (In English or Spanish), I´m currently reading The Secret
  • Learning another language; I have recently started off learning Chinese along my partner Ray Ho.
  • Writting down every new idea in a note-book.
  • Trying something new, at least once a week.

To conclude my post, I´m going to mention some of the big mistakes I have made over the last few months, in order always to learn from them:

  • Come up with ideas and don´t write them down
  • Don´t be afraid to say no, if the opportunity isn´t the right one for me
  • Not being as organised as I could be. (I´m working on this really hard)

Please if you read this article, give me some feedback and don´t be afraid to share your experience.

Answer the below questions, if you have time so I could learn from your personal experience.

What are your best failures or mistakes?

How do you motivate yourself? 

What habits are you adopting in order to make your life more productive?

many thanks folks.

Toni Navarro

Photo Credit: Al Shep(Flickr)


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