What is inbound Marketing and how it works?


What is inbound Marketing and how it works?

What is Inbound Marketing?

If you are marketer, or you work with marketers, I am 100% sure you heard of Inbound Marketing, but if you haven´t, here you are you definitions of what it is:

Inbound Marketing is the process of attracting prospects, via content creation(a good quality content), before they are even ready to buy(basically when they are in a stage of awareness or consideration); then you use some tactics in order to convert those visitors into leads, we will discuss later how. It is definitely one of the best and most cost-effective ways to convert strangers into customers and promoters of your business.

Other definition more technical of  Inbound Marketing is:  a methodology focused on attracting customers through relevant and high-value content, combining marketing techniques such as: SEO, content marketing, social media, search engine marketing, blogging, web analytics and email marketing.

Some Advantages of Inbound marketing

  • Increase the records (leads)
  • Increase visits to your website
  • Increase qualified marketing contacts

Assets of Inbound Marketing

The assets of inbound marketing are basically the benefits that the Inbound Marketing technique provides to the companies that use it.

The assets accounts as investment, since they will produce a long-term benefit.


The 6 Assets of Inbound Marketing that will benefit your strategy.

1. Organic Traffic

Focus on creating, publishing and sharing value content to your audience. To do this, use the most relevant keywords, which will help you get more organic traffic. Do not invest too much time in the design, and invest it in offering quality, that will help you to improve your organic positioning, in short more possibilities of getting sales.

2. Followers of the brand

It will help you to get followers of your brand, to which you must provide contents that match your objectives.

3. Design and creation of a database

This is probably one of the most important assets, an asset that describes very well the inbound marketing strategies, it is the possibility that this technique provides to create a database with the most relevant information of your users. Recall that the most desired goal of inbound marketing is to convert leads to contacts to design a database that allows you to get even more attention.

4. Quality Content Marketing

The content to be shared is the main asset of any inbound marketing strategy, it depends on the leads conversion and subsequently, sell. To enjoy this benefit, you must evaluate the current needs of your users, create content of interest that you can then sell and convert into a long-term asset.

5. Brand positioning

Inbound marketing gives you different techniques to attract the target audience and turn it into potential users. Also, the value content that you share with them, make the user remember your name and your brand when remembering the products and / or services you provide. The idea is to position yourself in the mind of the potential user and create a loyalty loop that goes beyond a commercial interest. And this, of course, will convert into sales, later.

6. Lead Nurturing

This asset you will be able to perceive it through marketing automation, once you have generated your database with the ideal information of your leads. This is the last asset that inbound marketing provides, but not the least important. Well, it will depend on the care, increase and transform into sales your database created previously. The inbound marketing system in this section, works by issuing automatic emails between registered users.

¿How does Inbound Marketing works?

The question is, how do we combine different marketing techniques to make this work out?

In Inbound Marketing is all about the customer journey, and it´s about identifying in which stage of the journey the prospect/visitor/leads or customer is, to show to them the relevant content, in order to attract, convert, close or delight them!

I´ll explain you how it works in every stage:




The goal is not for all users to visit your website, but the idea is to focus on those who, because of their search or purchase intentions, are most likely to become sales opportunities, and ultimately satisfied customers in the long run.

How do we do this?
In order to attract these qualified and quality customers or leads, we must offer them relevant content at the most appropriate time, i.e. when they are searching for the content, because they either have a need or a problem to solve.


Once you have managed to attract visitors to your website, the next step is to turn them into real sales opportunities.

How to do this?
To do this, we must initiate a conversation adapted to the interests and desires of the lead.
For example, measure conversion through messages, forms or meetings.
The next step, once in contact with your visitors, is to answer all their questions, and offer them quality and relevant content adapted to each of your buyers, and make the communication flow, through the buyer’s journey.


Getting here means you’re on the right track. Since you have attracted, attracted and converted your visitors into qualified sales opportunities, and you only need one more step, which would be to transform them into customers.
What is the most effective method of doing this?
The best method is to use sales tools available at this stage of closing, to ensure you close the right opportunities at the right time, and if possible, easily and quickly.


The Inbound Marketing method is based on delivering an exceptional experience to every customer. In addition, users today have high expectations of products, services and customer service.
That is why it is more important to interact with them in the best possible way, delighting and helping them to achieve success.

Once you achieve this, the customer will not only continue to purchase your products or services, but will also generate a long-term link with them, and will recommend your company to their friends, becoming an ambassador for your brand.

I hope you enjoyed the article, and I would love to get some feedback from you! 🙂

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