What´s the role of the Digital Marketing Consultant?

What´s the role of the Digital Marketing Consultant?

Since I have been working on my own, loads of people have asked me what do I do for work and what a Digital Marketing Consultant does, therefore I´ve decided to write a blog post to explain what’s my mission as a Marketing Consultant.

What´s the role of Digital Marketing Consultant?

It’s a person that helps businesses implement their Digital Marketing Strategies to make them achieve your desired goals, whether is: optimising your brand online presence, capturing qualified leads or just making more sales of your product or service.

It could sound strange, how would a company need to outsource some services to a specialist? If they already have a Marketing Specialist working in the company?

Here a few reasons which explain why:

1- Regardless of the products or services that you´re offering, it is key to get support by somebody with experience in different sectors, who has an unbiased opinion of your company’s strategy.

2- Not everyone who manages a Marketing department has the time, the knowledge or the qualifications to implement effective digital marketing strategies.

3- Following other experts and referring to similar articles talking about the tasks and roles of a Digital Marketing Consultant.

Here’s a list of the main tasks of a marketing consultant:


1) Prepare and present the best marketing proposals to potential customers.

A freelance marketing consultant main role is getting his own customers, so he must create his own sales funnel, which normally ends with a presentation of the marketing proposal to the company.
In this presentation you will have to propose all the issues/pains and if the company decides to hire you, then you will have to prepare the actions you would carry out to solve those pains.

2) Conduct a Business Audit

The first thing a digital marketing consultant should do is to carry out a complete audit and analysis of the business and its competition in the market to find out what the current situation is.

3) Definition of the buyer personas

One of the main mistakes that businesses make is that they have not defined their target audience correctly.

And this means that they make large investments of money in campaigns that are not well optimised and therefore this translates into a loss of money.

The digital marketing specialist will help the client to define who is their ideal buyer based on a series of parameters.

4) Design the company’s digital marketing strategy

In addition to analysing what are the strategies that would work for the clients, in most occasions you will also have to define the whole digital marketing strategy

If you want to find out more about how to make a digital marketing plan, I would suggest you to read this insightfull article by smartinsights here

5) Analyse the internal and external processes of the company

In some cases, the marketing strategy fails because there is no coherent internal or external communication, due to the lack of communications between departments or sometimes is just because the company hasn´t defined a correctly sales funnel or a powerful workflow process where to identify the best leads for them.

Therefore, you should also analyze which processes are followed and also determine if any of them can be automated to improve the efficiency of the company.

For example, using a CRM platform to manage and qualify your prospects and leads or automate as many processes as possible, for instance if you would like to be more productive, you must automate as many daily tasks to be able to move forward, and that´s what a Digital Marketing Specialist would support you with.

As an automation, crm, and Inbound Marketing you can use tools like: Hubspot or Active Campaign.

If you would like to find out more about what´s inbound marketing and how it works read here the last article of my blog.

6) Implementation and execution of the marketing strategy.

Designing is not the same as implementing, most companies decide to hire a digital marketing consultant to outsource the design the strategy, however they themselves are responsible for executing it.
But in other cases, in addition to hiring the design, companies also need to implement it due to lack of knowledge, time or resources.

Take into consideration that the more you outsource or delegate, the more you will be able to take in and that would make your business progress faster.

A relevant quote on this:

“If you want to do a few small things right, do them yourself. If you want to do great things and make a big impact, learn to delegate.”
– John C. Maxwell, American author

7) Measurement and reporting

Last, but not least, a marketing specialist will monitor all the strategies and marketing actions that have been carried out to help the company achieving the objectives set.

In order to do this, he will be presenting continuous reports to the clients analysing the most relevant marketing metrics and KPIs that have been achieved, with the aim of improving them.

This part is key of success, as if you don´t really know how your business is performing, how are you going to implement and improve the results?

When it comes to measurement of results, is also recommended for any business to get the opinion of a marketing specialist as it would give you a better understanding on how to manage your business.

Relevant quote

“What cannot be measured, can´t be improved”

To conclude this article I would mention some of the reasons you should hire a digital marketing consultant for your business:

1- Make better and wiser decisions to improve your ROI, always based on the consultant experience.
2- Save you time and hassle and in most ocassions save you money, as you would invest your money wisely.
3- Improve your business online presence and branding, which will help you to build credibility towards your clients.


I hope you enjoyed the article, and I would love to get some feedback from you! 🙂

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